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HI I was very curious about the game but on my first try once I zoomed out to check the progress of AI I was not able to zoom back in properly anymore :( my crust just kept floating around even without me moving it and just stayed in the corner of the games so I couldn't reach it anymore, not sure if that happened to anyone else.

It looks awesome and plays awesome at first, but then round 20 or so you get very tired of pressing "curse warlord" "bless goods" all the time and that nothing new happens. It feels like the game makes a good start, but then it just repeats over and over, as if it comes undone. I think what the game needs is just to add more and more mechanics, like city upgrades or progressions to the stories told. With the wildlife, there could be a lot going on. Like you could introduce various animal and plant species and that could have very complex consequences, like one species eating the other or one species evolving into something else and overgrowing areas.

Thanks for making the game it is really nice.

I hope you add more things and make the city states more in depth and have like countries and ages because this game is like super addicting and endless..! Im in love with it. xD

Thanks! Good to hear that someone liked the city states. I had fear that maybe it will be a bit confusing. I am working right now on different game, but I do think to return on this game later.

Thats sweet, they were confusing at first but eventually i understood how to do them.

This is sweet!